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Cozy Living Room


Times are difficult; the world is in crisis. Because of this crisis, more people crave comfort and safety.
1. Draw nature in : You can work with some large leafy indoor plants and succulents. They provide a feeling of peace and tranquility in your home.
2. Comfort is everything : The living room is where everyone goes to Netflix and chills and relaxes after a long day at work. 
3. Invest In multipurpose furniture : Your living room will most likely be used as a home office or even a study room for your children, so your furniture will need to do multiple tasks.
4. Follow natural elements : Lay down a natural fiber rug, such as a jute rug, add textures in couches by using natural fibers with throws and cushion covers.
5. Grounding colors : Natural tones and colors are a popular choice in interior design this season.
6. Add lots of layers : Layer your rugs to add depth to the space, layer books on top of each other on the floating shelves and place a lovely little candle on top


Good food makes a happy family !
This is the best time to have a re-look at your kitchen and make it efficient. Check out these tips :
1. Is your kitchen based on the "Cooking Triangle" ?
2. Are items which you need frequently placed conveniently ?
3. Do you have separate WET and DRY waste bins ?
4. Get rid of those telescopic channels and replace them with trouble-free tandem boxes
5. Opt for light pastel shades with a dash of colour splash
6. Profile handles are the in-thing now. They are convenient and literally maintenance free
7. Lastly choose a reliable company to renovate your kitchen. As they say, "don't be penny-wise and pound-foolish"

Design Notes: Design Notes
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